4 ways to cope during the COVID -19 pandemic

It’s hard to imagine living in a world where we are forced to stay at home and protect ourselves from an uncontrollable virus. You’ve probably watched the news, live broadcasts on social media and endless news articles about what is and isn’t about this COVID-19 pandemic. Your mind is racing and you want to turn it off, but terrified you may miss the latest information about this great ordeal. Well, truth be told in order to remain healthy those of us that have not been compromised must continue a healthy path. Those that have been compromised should do everything to get back to a healthy condition, and pray for those who are in need of our prayers.

Free your mind calm your soul

1. Meditation: yoga, deep breathing exercises 10-20 minutes every other day or daily. I used to say why turn my brain off I might miss some good information coming through and if i turn it off I will have to deal with emotions I am not quite ready to handle. However, the other night my brain was so much on overload I thought it was going to explode. I was so emotional, crying one minute, living hysterically the next, it was aDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation. I told myself I have to turn it off at least for ten minutes. I found a meditation video that helped to shut out the noise, thoughts, emotions, and anxiety all at once. Now depending upon how you cope various meditations work for different people you have to find which one works for you. After, releasing all that pent up frustration my body was 100% better. My mind was clear, my breathing was better and I was able to sleep peacefully. So try it for at least a week and see if it makes a difference.

3-5 list

2. To do list: 3-5 things activities maximum. When creating a to do list it doesn’t mean you have to solve the world’s problem with 59 things attached to it in one day. It means taking a piece of the whole and complete it day by day. Your list must be achievable within that day. Make sure to check it off once it is complete and don’t return to it and try to add to it for that day. Once your list is set it’s set. Decide how you want to check the goals off, for example, complete the harder task first and easy last or vice versa whichever way is up to you so long as the list is attained. This includes all phone calls and responding to text messages in relation to the to do list. Once it’s done give your self credit for it and move on do something in your house, gardening or something digitally. Remember this is specifically designed for times we aren’t not allowed to go out and about our day like normally.

3. Exercise: 10-60 minutes a day. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is exercise but it keeps you healthy and clears the minds as well. Find time during the day to walk, run, circuit train, lift weights, or play basketball, kickball, or soccer etc. anything you can do within the restraints of your home.

4. Mind Therapy: Talk to someone, color, paint, or journaling. Last night while talking to a social media associate there was some emotions that I hadn’t dealt with for a long time, and using the person as a vent box, while helping them through their issue was so therapeutic. It lifted a weight I knew i had but didn’t want to let go of. Sometimes we hold to on to ideas, things and people who should leave our lives way before we allow the to exit. Knowing when you need to drive on that road is growth. Making moves and decision that best suits you are “goals” on so many levels. Coloring decreases the endorphins that aloes you to focus on the most intricate details of the image just as well as painting does but painting depending on mood can be as abstract and or concrete but it is calming to the soul. Last but not least, journaling, I read a post where the young lady viewed her hair and face as ugly and wanted to support her with either hearts for love, like for its ok and sad for why in the heck did you think cutting your hair was a good idea. It saddened me to think when we first open our minds we fill it with unkind, negative, looking for approval from others routine. There are days we all experience not being our best looking our best or needing assurance, however, never make it the first thing you think about. We are here for a purpose and to share those gifts, so take time to find what that “gift” is because we are all uniquely made and can all been from the “gift” of others to help shape our lives. Remember to “live in love”everyday no matter what it is in life.

Thank you for reading. Please share this blog if it’s something that can help someone get through their day.



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