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Wife, mother, and educator aspiring to inspire others. Gratitude goes a long way when you are authentic. This page hosts a variety of things but I will always display why gratitude brings valuable lessons to our lives so that we are able to evolve to our highest self.

Don’t dim others light!

Saying someone is this it that in a negative connotation doesn’t make you look and sound better in fact in makes you less trustworthy. Recently, I became ill with a sinus infection (upon which I didn’t realize I had at the time). I had also had some dental […]

Go where you’re invited !!!

Many times we like to infiltrate ourselves into places where we weren’t invited. It was not intended for you to be there so don’t ask, don’t worry, and don’t assume. You have a good time with those who want you in their presence and wish others well on […]

What matters most!

I had the distinct pleasure of being surprised for my birthday. For starters, I thought it wasn’t important to throw birthday parties for me. I felt it was too much of a hassle to take time out of people’s lives to entertain my day. That was until my […]