2020-the ultimate Cliffhanger

What once was no longer lives here!

The year started of course with a bang. We set goals. We were to follow resolutions and concur all things great. This was the year that was suppose to be crystal clear. A clear mind, heart and vision. It was all happening until a few weeks ago where our lives were flowing in motion. Getting up starting our day, if you’re a soccer mom like me then you were waving goodbye to your kids on the bus or blowing kisses as the leap out of the car. Either way you list were full and there were things to do do do. You built in family time because well you know life can get ahead of us with all the scheduling. When you’re constantly on the go order is of the utmost importance. What were you doing to stay ahead of the game?

Social media-where do you get your news source

What’s your source to be in the know? Which source do you rely on most? Info is coming down the pipeline and you hear it but are you listening? Life is carrying on as usual but you can’t help but wonder what is going on with these occurrences people becoming ill and this new terminology for us in the USA. What is this social distance jargon you speak of. As we turn our noses up because we do to say under our breaths we don’t have to wear mask in this country. A pandemic will not happen in our lifetime or will it? The will it did and has left us with a cliffhanger. What is a cliffhanger you ask? Well it is when I give you a part of the story and then you have to write the resolution. So, our old way of living is gone. We couldn’t give it a proper goodbye we just had to glance at what was and sigh. We have been left to decide how we will shape this future not only for us but for our kids kids and their kids too.

Most of our leaders are looking and asking for direction that will help shape a better future for us. A future that we will have to be more caring and kinder to the next fellow man. A world where mask will be apart of our daily lives and that hygiene will be more important than ever. Have you thought about how you and your family will help to make the world around you? What is your new normal and has it been working for you? We can only move forward conscientiously wherever we go so that when you return you’ll return in good spirit, good health and with good intentions to do better the next day.

The world need a positive direction

Are you ready to do your part in helping the world move in a direction where we can live safely? If so, here are some ways to be kinder to the earth and others around you.

1. Wash hands (to keeps unwanted germs at bay).

2. Where appropriate clothing to protect you.

3. Wear a mask in close proximity spaces (social distance).

4. Be kind during this difficult time (the less negativity the happier the world can become).

5. Try not to pre-judge when you see someone without a mask (do your best to protect you).

6. Throw gloves and any used products in an appropriate place ( clean the world one useful way at a time).

7. Get some exercise 3-5 days a week (helps decrease illnesses and promotes longevity of life).

8. Drink more liquids (water is best) to flush toxins and reduce chances of unwanted colds, allergies and upset stomachs.

9. Reuse your stress levels (breathe deep long breaths 10x in and out before starting your day).

10. Reduce negative media (if you want facts go to a reliable source that provides beneficial information).

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