Flu season!

When the flu season comes to town!

When family members become ill in the household it can take a toll on the whole unit. Many families rely on the mother to run the household, and when a child or husband is ill it is normally mom that is “to the rescue”. Mom is the one that cooks, clean, take the kids to school, pick the kids up from school, be the soccer mom and drive them around to all their activities. This year the flu season has had many disappointing outcomes and no one ever wants to experience a loss of a family member, so as a family it is important to discuss what is the best approach to combating the outbreak when it comes to your area?

When flu season breaks is there a plan in place to avoid all members becoming sick? Does your family share responsibility with daily home routines? Role playing for each family members and sharing the daily house chores helps even when you’re the person that’s ill.  The kids can also share in the role of keeping the house tidy too.

Flu symptoms:

  1. Fever
  2. Body ache
  3. Headache
  4. Dry/Sore throat

Flu remedies:

  1. Wash, wash, wash your hands is first and foremost important way to minimize the spread of infection.
  2. Get plenty of fluids-remain hydrated at all cost, water is best, soup and tea
  3. Vitamin C-to build immune system
  4. Warm baths- to soothe body aches and break fever


What are some ways you and your family stay healthy during the flu season? Share you tips!

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