About Me

I am a mother of 5 wonderful kids and 5 four grand-kids. I am also an educator who has a passion for fashion my desire is to create, design, and inspire the world one goal, vision and endeavor at a time. I love to help others reach their goals and aspirations too.

I have taught special education for over 20 years and have encountered all walks of life. My motto is “never negate the “nu in u, meaning never give up, everyday there is an opportunity to start over, begin again and start fresh and “nu”. We are given one life on this earth , so live your best yet! I hope this blog and site inspires you to learn something “nu”, ignite engagement when conversing with others, and share tips you may learn.

My passion is educating, but also bridging both my educational experience and my entrepreneurial spirit together to share with you. I have developing foundations (coming soon!) that hopefully you would like to pour into in order to help families that are less fortunate.

The time and world  is changing rapidly and I want to leave a legacy that will be here to help families for years to come!

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