Go where you’re invited !!!

Many times we like to infiltrate ourselves into places where we weren’t invited. It was not intended for you to be there so don’t ask, don’t worry, and don’t assume. You have a good time with those who want you in their presence and wish others well on their journey.

It’s ok to not be apart of everyone’s company. We get caught up in society’s standards of living. If you’re tied up into the things you enjoy the most you won’t even have time think about those who didn’t consider you.

A no response is better than a “imma let them know” response. As you grow relationships will change and a lot of times if someone close knows your busy schedule it wasn’t that they purposely excluded you, but more or less assumed the busy in you.

Here are some gateways to help you move beyond your disgruntlement.

1. consider the reasons they might not have invited you-the crowd or acquaintances and or event.

2. Your schedule is tight this time of year – if you are a soccer mom you’re always busy.

3. Social change- think about filtering out how many times you see that person face to face, social media. Gauge the level of importance!

4. Meet some new friends- hanging out with other soccer moms and you all establishing a girls night out

5. Try something new-take a new class such as spin, yoga, book club to meet new people

People and relationships will change, it doesn’t mean it’s over, your social circle is adjusting to the current lifestyle you’re living……….so live and enjoy life where you are ……..in this moment of self.

As always Never negate the Nu-N-U.

Nulyfe Nuways!!!!

Categories: Healing!

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  1. I love the message. It is appropriate for this time when we are all to familiar. Please, don’t force your company or spirit where it not requested. Lanes were created to keep us safe, so stay in yours. Don’t detour or take an unauthorized turn.


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