Don’t dim others light!

Saying someone is this it that in a negative connotation doesn’t make you look and sound better in fact in makes you less trustworthy.

Recently, I became ill with a sinus infection (upon which I didn’t realize I had at the time). I had also had some dental work done and the dental technician did state I would experience some discomfort when drinking hot and cold things. She didn’t say how discomforting because this sensitivity was excruciating. So I must’ve gotten the infection preferably the same time as the dental work so I assumed it was the dental that was causing all of this pain not only in my mouth but in my ear too. I called the dentist that Thursday afternoon and explained my discomfort and they asked for me to come in and get it checked out but I couldn’t be seen until Monday. So I managed to make the best of it through weekend. Well, until Sunday evening the pain was so bad that I went to urgent care. I wanted to rule out anything and everything because I knew it was because of my tooth. So I go to urgent care and there was no ear infection but I did have a sinus infection. I decided to keep the appointment with the dentist. The tech brought me to the back and there she discussed that tooth was properly positioned and couldn’t determine if the tooth was causing the earaches and would have the dentist come and examine the mouth to make sure it was fine. The dentist came in and ask questions and then said he didn’t have any answers. I told them all of what I did to determine the cause too. After telling the dentist I went to urgent care he proceeds to tell me to see an ENT because urgent care people don’t really know if it was an ear infection. I was confused because before seeing the dentist I didn’t have a toothache nor and earache and not that I was blaming anyone I was just trying to get to “root” of the problem. What disturbed me most was how the dentist would discredit another practice because surely it couldn’t have been the work of his establishment. I walked out still in pain with no direction. I felt perplexed and saddened at the same time.

I began taking the prescription provided for me to clear up the sinus infection and began ti feel better, however, I still have this sensitivity of this tooth that makes it hard to enjoy food and liquids as I did before. I know sometimes things get worse before thy get better but my trust in this dentist is shattered because if something is to go wrong would he discredit me as a person when all I’m asking for is help in getting a remedy to my pain.

You don’t have to dim another’s person’s light, profession, or passion to look better. It makes you look and appear fake, disconnected and untrustworthy to those who place you in a position to make them feel better about themselves and look better aesthetically.

Speak positive about others so people can see the good in you. Your quality in people will have many admire you and value you as a person.

Always be yourself and never negate the Nu-N-U

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