New season with happier reasons!!!!

This time of year is when we get ready to do overhauls. Overhauls in your closets, bodies and minds. It’s what is called the 4th quarter where you gather thoughts, push out goals you’ve sat on for a while and you know you would like to see most of that to do list checked off. This time of year gets you excited for the new year. Change is not always easy, but it can bring anticipation for what one would like to see manifest in the future. . Don’t waste time worrying about what didn’t happen, instead, use this last quarter to evaluate how you will accomplish as much as you can and how the next set goals will be bigger and better. Here are some ways to help navigate you through the countdown to the new year.

When you wake up in the morning before you step out of bed, thank the higher being for another day, then call out the first three things you can tackle before 9 a m. Make sure it’s a list that is doable. Take care of your morning hygiene, then take a brisk walk no more than 10 minutes, and come back and journal. Journaling can be very effective and rewarding because after that walk your body should be warm and thoughts should be racing. The journal can be a time to reflect on those bigger goals nothing intense just jotting it down. The goals should also entail things you’re grateful for and how you would like to see yourself at the end of the week. Also, find an affirmation that resonates with you for the day, it should be something that you can use to motivate the rest day. Sometimes, experiences with day to day life can help you get the best affirmation you need. I have a great journal that can help with gratitude and manifesting success. Journal: Grateful Journal https://a.co/d/dC1o7la

We are in a cycle of uncertainty around the world, but that shouldn’t hold you back from accelerating in life. Live beyond your fears. One of the goals for me is to push out more content and share my creations. Another goal is to be more consistent because consistency brings obtainable results. We have far too many things people are posting that add no value, yet, we watch it all day. Then we’ll scroll over individuals that take pride in their content and give authentic content to help enhance our lives. Help those people be great, share their content and like their posts. More importantly be your own cheerleader and stop waiting for others to cheer you on. If you need crowd cheering, google stadium cheers, turn it up loud and then pat yourself on the back, why, because your awesome and the right people will find you if you give it a chance to put yourself out in the universe.

Recap: seasons and reasons

1. wake up and think of three things to tackle before 9 a. m.

2. Take care of hygiene you think better when you don’t smell yourself 😂

3. Take a short brisk walk to open mind, body and soul.

4. Journal -write the goals down and jot why you’re grateful for the day and select and affirmation to live by for the day.

5. Be yourself and be(you)tiful there is only one you and the world needs to know your content.

6. As always “Never negate the Nu-N-U

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  1. Just read and digested your blogs. You are growing every month and becoming more proficient and professional. Your content ic what Social media should be, helpful , useful and enlightening as well as entertaining. You suggest ways one can improve not demand that we do. Your content is thought provoking and allows your audience participate because you make sense. Continue , you are a gift.


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