Drones Yay or Nah!

My husband and I were looking at the news tonight. He likes to watch the sports edition to see if there are going to announce his {high school} team. Surprisingly, they did, but not to talk about his team. They discussed the uneasiness the fans were having as drones were floating above while one of the popular college band performed in our town. So we were intrigued to listen more attentively to the reporter. Since it had my interest, I wanted to talk more aboutit. I didn’t have a chance to ask how he felt about the drones because he fell asleep as soon as the segment was done. However, it left me feeling some type of way. Although, I have not witnessed a drone out and about in our recent activities. I don’t know how I would feel if I was encountered by one. Many of those who have drones believe that it is not to harm anyone. In this particular case it was used to get better videos and images of the band’s performance. Nonetheless, when things are new to you, you are not always the most comfortable.

When shooting family affairs, it is one thing to know you’re being videoed because you can come in or out of it at your discretion. Ahhhh! but when you have no control, such as this instance it becomes a feeling of violation. The spectators coming to watch the game were not ready to be exposed on a level that was out of their control. So, were there ways to get info out to the public stating drones will be in the area? Were the drones protected under some special law to video as they please, since most of us video our family at our leisure? We don’t tell the lady walking by that it is possible she will be in my video. It is something to ponder and to get more research as these drones become more popular in our daily activities.

If you were encountered with a mass of drones during your outing how would you feel?

Would it make you act differently? Would you leave?

Well as more research come underway I will say this, we are watched everyday whether we have a say or not, or if we like it or not. As long as you are true to yourself then should it matter that you’re the next contestant on “You’ve just been Droned”

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  1. Very well written… I totally agree… There is a line between getting out information and doing it at the violation of others. I believe this is a dangerous phenomenon we are tampering with… Why can’t it be used by government officials for government use know… And if anyone else can use them… Any information gathered should not be able to be used in a court if law if other parties were not in agreement.

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    • Thank you and yes, the invasion of privacy is getting thinner. Many people in other states have fought against the invasion of space but were quickly dismissed because the people had a right to fly it. The drones were flying over a public beach area.


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