Weather Woes/Reflection

What kind of weather do you like? Let’s just discuss the basics, is it rain or sunshine. I like sunshine, but I know the importance of rain to the earthly environment. How do you feel when it rains to much and for too many days? The weather has some type of affect on me, my mood and my motivation for the day. Some days, I just want to lay in bed and just listen to soft music, but then that makes me sleep too. Other times, I love to cuddle up with the family and watch movies. It rained today and has been raining quite often, I had to run plenty of errands so  I had to prepare myself for what was ahead. luckily, I had several meetings and all were completed. I had some setbacks with timing but the great thing about the weather was all my clients were running late in some sort of way. I guess the weather shouldn’t matter if you can take care of your normal duties. Now that I am done with errands and appointments, I’ll go find a good movie to watch. It’s Friday, hug someone and  be appreciative of the breath you were able to take today (9-11-15) to live life to the fullest.

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