Allergy Season

When is allergy season for you? Our season in our family seems to be all year round. We suffer with everything, one child suffers with sinusitis and another is developing allergies. The youngest that’s developing allergies is beginning to have this consistent nightly cough. Have you given anything to your children to remedy to problem? Does this problem probes a visit to the doctor? For me, I thnk we will be visiting the doctor and hopefully we can get something to help him. We are currently using a wet humidifier but is that helping or hurting since I am not sure which allergy we are dealing with? For some of you, there is probably a stockpiled cabinet full of vapor cream. Well guilty as charged, as I reluctantly raise my hand like a little kid. However, I have used it way more than I would like too. So, that must answer my question, make the appointment. Allergy season can be hard on your body and it is important to take care of your temple. Looking ahead, I hope the coming season where I live is calm. Take care of yourself.

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