I’m not ok!

I am not ok! 

And it’s ok to not be ok!

The last few months have been difficult. Many of us were placed into a position you never dreamed possible but you did it. Many hats had to be shifted and at times you’ve had to pat the floor three times and I am out, blow the whistle, or throw in the towel. Either way, it was a sign that you couldn’t handle it anymore. As parents, the task of running a household is hard but add teaching to kids daily when you are not a homeschool mom was more than the average household should bare. The entire world had to adapt to change whether or not we were ready. How were you able to cope through it all? How were your kids able to cope? Many kids have completed their K, 5th, 8th, senior, and college programs. Some were able to have make-shift graduations, to viewing it online, drive-by or seated 6ft apart in an open field. However, the program was designed they achieved their goals and can use this platform to achieve any endeavor no matter what is thrown at them.

This year will forever be known as the COVID-19 but it will also be known of the year of INJUSTICE. We witnessed through the lens of our phone and computers the high and lows of how injustice that changed our world and up until now the images have not been pretty. We as a country must continue to endure, grow, and learn to shape this future world that is moving forward. The world is watching and it up to those individuals who would like to see the world change positively by establishing more exposure, exercising their right to vote, and collectively making changing within their community to see improvement locally as well as nationally. This has been a tiresome 2020 thus far and it is not over. We are still deep into trenches of what’s the next move. How do we use what has set us back momentarily to be a propeller in our next endeavors? How do we continue to manage our health and wellness during this difficult time? Here are some way ways to help stay sane through the madness.


1. Meditation-get up and stretch your body align your mind body and soul with the universe

2. Sticky post- write small affirmations that will help train your mind to move and flow in a positive manner.

3. Journal- write out what you’re mood is and act it out. Then change the flow of that mood and act it out and ask your body which one feels better? If not ask what has me stuck.

4. Music- soft melody or loud and rambunctious either way you determine how you want to release the energy.

5. Try a new fruit- examine it, feel its texture, smell it, cut it open and smell it, taste and eat it slowly. You may what does fruit have to do with not being ok! Well it has everything you’re able to use the five senses to explore every inch of that fruit and the same way you examine that fruit is also how you can examine self.

We aren’t all given the resources, tools and supplies to be great. Sometimes you have to take what you have and make it great. We are adaptable and innovative, so why not use this difficult time to become the change we want to see. We have to learn to adapt in new ways, be a voice to help bring change to the world and if not the world at least your community. The younger generation is hungry for everything and there’s enough for everyone to be great. Let’s teach history with an open concept to establish what happened, but how our current world can avoid the mistakes of the past and dive hand in hand into future leaving no one behind.

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