12 steps to Happiness

Have you felt you needed a 12 step program to get life in order and find happiness again? If so I have some gems to help you through.

At any stage in our growth cycle it can rely as if life brings adversity at the worst times in life. Even as a kid at some pint we thought life was so hard. We wanted to be an adult fast to take the struggle away. Only to find as an adult you wish you had more time to be free of all the things that weren’t such big things. Each stage in life critical to overall growth here are some steps to help along the way.


Think about a person that is always there and share oof vibes and do small deeds and look for nothing in return and THANK THEM for it, we often get caught in our dilemmas we neglect those who are helping to make work, school or building a business grateful of bringing joy into the room.


A little something that goes a long way but we often choose not too in fear of the response but we should do it anyway for self, and that is to SMILE. It’s free and the energy from it is powerful for self and others.


I live to do it but when the date comes near I find all the reasons not do it and that is to SOCIALIZE even as a bonafide introvert it does help to soul to converse with others and share gifts and talents with like minded people. Now one is saying do it all the time but learning from others is just pleasing as being a know it all.


I have expressed this in prior post and it is quite important to mind, body and soul. MEDITATE It relaxes the body and releases negative toxins of thoughts and feelings from your body and renews the soul for future battles you have no idea you may have to face. Be good to it- Namaste 🙏🏽


If you have ever heard the saying “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork” then you’ve also heard the term “Each one Helps one” and everyone needs HELP every now and then. It is ok, it doesn’t make you weak or incompetent in fact it makes you brave because you know your worth but need a push getting there. So, allow others to help you flow.


Always have a plan to be best your best daily AIM for the highest and set goals in life so you’re able to to appreciate your gifts and talents that you provide to the atmosphere.


As stated earlier in this post we have seen and endured joys, pain, setbacks but it the WISDOM that we take in the journey. Hopefully the experience when occurred moved in a direction that leads to a greater purpose.


Everyone is not as fortunate in life to some opportunities as others. Some make good use of their good fortunes and turn them into good deeds therefore in order to see the return on a deeds one must GIVE back in the universe. Everyone wins in this situation because you can’t take it with you. Bless others so that will be a blessing in return.


It doesn’t matter where you live there is a place that has best food, drinks and activities. One thing is important before you indulge and that is to manage your HEALTH. Everything in moderation is the key. Health can spring you forward or hold you back. Eat right the majority of the week and splurge every once in a while. Your body is your temple treat it kindly.


When many think of WEALTH they think of money but wealth is wellness the overall well being of oneself. Is it nice to have wealth in terms of money sure but it is lonely at the top when you don’t factor giving, helping others, and eating right. No judgement zone here but a wealthy life is for the living who makes the world a better place to live.


You can’t treat your body right and not EXERCISE it goes hand in hand. Going to gym for four hours just to leave there smoke, drink and eat fattening foods is useless. Use your time wise build in cardio and resistance for optimal balance to keeping that body in shape.


Depending on what time your day begins what is essential in life to be able to attain all the factors mentioned about. You must REST to refuel and recover day to day task in life.

What are some ways you handle your 12 steps?

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Thank you for reading so “you can grow as we grow together one day at a time.”

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