Nu You-Confidently through!!!

Happy new year!!!!!!

We are into 21 days into the new year and I want to know what you thought about this new year. I have a question to ask, have you allowed the negativity to come and sneak back into your life? Yesssssss, this is the time where the doubts return and we begin to give up. Have you started a new exercise regimen and it’s getting a little tough? Have you started planning your meals for the week and you’re getting tired? Have you started listening to people that you said you were going to let go? All of these issues are what keeps us from moving forward with succeeding our goals.

It’s time to revamp and allow yourself an opportunity to move past the negativity. Here are some strategies that can help you move past the negativity:

Get around a positive circle. You want people so positive that illuminates you’re being every morning. Downsize the negative conversations, the negative people, the negative places and continue to move forward.

Time factor: Give yourself time to make mistakes, to redo things that were once comfortable, but you now need to get in your uncomfortable zone. Life is not to be made perfect, trying to be perfect leaves you hopeless.

Develop an action plan hourly, daily, weekly, and or monthly to help get you in a positive swing and to achieve your goals

Breathing: it might sound crazy but you will be surprised at how many of us do not take the time to breathe properly through tough situations, and it is the ultimate decomposer of stress. When you learn how to breathe properly you will be able to take appropriate action when things become difficult.

If it is your intent to be positive then move with intentional positivity. It is something that has to be actively done daily, but it is not impossible

We encounter many things with social media some posts are enlightening, funny, saddening and with an abundance of negativity and you have to know how to streamline the negativity so you can move in your confidence. Become confidently confident this year. The task is how will you get there?

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