Negativity and ways to manage!

Avoid negative people and situations:

Negativity can change shift a whole mood in matter of seconds. From the time you awaken until bed time negative people, instanced, and videos etc. are shared amongst us daily. It can bring loads of stress and if you’re not careful it can internally make your body ill. Negative people can deflate your confidence because they lack it themselves. Therefore, be careful of the company you interact with build healthy relationships because it’s not about the time it’s about the positive, dependable, and true confidants that there for each other. Battling issues on our own are tough enough you don’t need a “toxic parade” you need “positive posse” of those who will help you to grow in all levels in life.

Avoiding toxic food:

Not only avoid people but also eating food from take out too much can bring on toxic behaviors. Become cognizant of how many times your eating out and what you’re eating when you do. Try cooking some of those same dishes at home and inviting friends over to help cook the same favorites that one orders at the restaurants. Turn those eat out night into friends save friends from toxic lifestyles night, even once a month will make a difference and save money too.

Tools for a healthy friendship and lifestyle:

1. Make sure you yourself are instilling positive behavior within self. (Read, journal, paint)

2. Know which friends are toxic and confront them on the issue or avoid all together.

3. Hang out with friends at home and cook your favorites at least once a month

4. Live a toxic free lifestyles (exercise, meditate, volunteer).

5. Read daily affirmations to help alleviate the stresses of daily life.

What are some ways you cope with negative people?

Share, Tag, and comment below and until next time.

Thank you for listening so “you can grow as we grow together one day at a time.”

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