Understanding self-worth!

Do you internally know you worth?

Hopefully the answer is yes, and if not your worth is by understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

Learning from past:

Have you ever realized that when you haven’t learned from your past it continuously repeats itself? It’s important to learn from ones mistakes. How can one do that? By

making sure to reflect on the past occurrences, so you’re able to change the outcome. Write down questions that will aide in moving forward. Some questions to ask self are: how should I respond when?, what would I do if? What is hindering my growth?

Comfort zone:

Have you ever felt when it was time for for new experiences and new direction you chickened out ? When one is insecure we find ways to avoid, deflect and even blame others because one is stuck in an negative comfort zone. One often have clues, but tend to ignore out of comfort. Yes, it makes you feel awful, nervous and tired. All of these feelings are just a host of emotions, but stepping out of your comfort zones allows oneself to trust the experience because down the road it will all be worthwhile.


You may know worth and that’s great, however, timing is an important factor when putting oneself out there to attain goals. Time, it can take as easy as minute as s long as a decade to make change, but once that change is made you become self aware. Self-awareness determines who you are and where one want to go with a better perspective and feelings about the value and talents one possesses.

Try new things:

As one grows new opportunities are out there one has create it, apply for it or find it. One should start small depending if it’s a business, promotion or education. Step out of the comfort zone yes it is uncomfortable will keep you up at night but hopefully in s way that’ll bring good changes in one’s life. Also it will bring new stories to share, to be able recognize behaviors oneself may have to change and strengthen self through demeanor, attitude and beliefs.

Thank you for reading Nulyfe Nuways as we grow you can grow as well.

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