Mindfulness of others!


Mental illness is not like a stomachache or even a virus that can be cured with overnight medication. It is a disease that no one likes to call it, therefore we tend to handle it like the person can just wake up and suddenly it’s fine. 

Dealing with someone with a mental illness is not easy and the answers to the situation at hand may not always be there because it’s not an one answer it’s all. The occurrences may be the same but the way it is handled may be different every time. It’s a struggle for all parties involved. 

Statistically, 27 percent of individuals suffer with mental health disorder, and it is growing substantially every year with unavailable resources. With resources being deployed from local to national levels leave families with difficult choices to make to help love ones with mental illness. Also, many people are not understanding of individuals with metal illness because it disguises itself in so many ways. 

So, I saw this photo collage on social media (not sure who to credit the photo too) but I placed above this blog  for your review. It speaks volumes to those who want to just give a quick solution to a lifetime of answers that can’t be resolved in one day, month or year. When trying to help someone please patient, understanding about how to provide assistance. 

If you know someone that suffers be supportive of them. Do you have others suggestions that are beneficial for others? If you have locations in your area that have agencies that will help please share.

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