Right Track!

When do you know you’re on the right track? I ask myself this question often inadvertently we get caught up in what society wants which is a lot of fluff. Now, don’t get me wrong I love social media and all it has to offer, but some information that’s put out entices me to look beyond the fluff and see what’s happening in the world. Since we are talking about social media,we have had two celebrities in their own rights in the celebrity industry take their lives, leaving behind young children to bear the weight grief. Everyone had questions of why? “they had everything”, “they were famous”, they were rich”, and they were A listers, what on earth could have them do this? However, when it comes to depression, anxiety, and mental illness we have only hit the surface about what these two and many many others who were not famous struggle with in their daily lives. 

     I started with, “being on the right track”, as a topic not because I believe we can all relate, but at some point or another in our lives where were you when something didn’t feel right physically, mentally, or emotionally. Most of us are able to fight to shake that feeling and get back on track. Some people aren’t able to just shake the feeling and they have to manage the best way they know how, and  sometimes even that is too much. 

      I read on social media about a lady who suffered with depression but to us we would see her as an average person doing day to day errands like any normal person. Despite her running her as usual when she entered her room was a disaster. The only room in the house that was utter chaos and she explained how she crawls out of her bed to do what she needs to manage, however, when she closes her door it’s a whole different animal she’s fighting. Her story is real for many but her posting made her feel better because she realized she was alone. She had people who suffered in one of the same ways she did and they began to form a bond of communication and that alone can save many lives   

Suicide is growing rapidly and many are struggling to find people they can trust because they have broken bridges and pulled away from love ones. It’s hard to see someone in pain, but continue to check on them and offer whatever you can to let them know there is support if they choose to take it. I’ve shared on my podcast how resources are scarce for those that suffer, but if you know of any places in your state please continue to share it. It may not mean a lot but a little goes a long way.  

     I will leave some numbers below and hopefully this piece can bring awareness to those who need to know there are people who care. You can grow and still be true to who you are as an individual. 

Ways to help:

Suicide awareness 

•Mood swings

•Difficulty sleeping or concentrating

•Constant sadness

•Irritable or depressed mood

•Change in eating habits

•Feeling angry

•Feeling worthless or restless

•Social withdrawal from friends and activities

•Loss of energy

•Thoughts of death or suicide

Suicide help:

Call a love one or  call number below 

1-800-273-8255 call and talk to someone 

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