Learning to let go! Is there such a thing.

Nulyfe Nuways


When it comes to saddened events, situations or unforeseen occurrences life can take you in a direction you never saw coming. So when one is hurt, depressed or struggling to let go of the pain it is not as easier said than done, however there are ways to manage. Side bar:(If you are ever in an abusive situation that brings harm to your life please seek help and go to your nearest shelter or agency to get assistance)


Let’s bring light to a topic of relationships: we’ve seen countless movies about relationships that appear similar to yours and yet staying always seem to be an option when there is none. Relationships are difficult and it is something you have to work on daily,  but when the partner is longer interested in moving forward, then what are some ways for the person who lingers and doesn’t want to let go can do? One, cry with every tear that can, cry, scream, yell, and cry some more. Society has told us that crying of the weak and that if someone hurts you then hurt them back. Crying is good for your health as it releases toxic hormones that have festered within for a long period of time. However, after the cry then what? Asking yourself where do I go from here now that my life has turned into another direction? Write a letter to yourself and state all the chances you didn’t take, what new adventure can you replace with the time that was given to someone else. Who can you call and talk to and maybe take a getaway vacation? The list is about “What can I do now that I have me?” Obsessing over what if won’t make the matter any better right after that “A take charge mindset will shift your mood”.


Shift mood: Some ways to change the pain to healing is to journal. For those who like to write it is a great way to put all feelings into something like poetry, music, or a card. See which venue has poetry night and signup. Sell your music and or design cards for people who have gone through similar struggles and drop it off to a shelter. Invest in hope jar where you can cry and then either pull from the jar and attain than positive note or write something positive so you can see how all the good way out the pain. Coming soon are hope jars can be found on my website and customized to your taste at www.beaunuphydetees.info


The world is losing touch with kindness and ways to be a better person despite the pain inside of them. Using social media and other platforms to belittle or purposely become mean to someone else only shows the pain one have within themselves.


What are some ways you have healed from a relationship? Please share, comment and tag a friend who may need to read Healing and coping and Learning to let go!


Nulyfe Nuways motto is: Never negate the “Nu” N U

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