Getting the work week attained!

Is your work week hectic and then becomes more sane as you get closer to the weekend? If you agree, we’ll–I’m excited that you agree that the work week is very hectic and thinking of what’s next is the last thing you need to worry about. Your focus should be on yourself, kids, and family and a simple but delicious meal to serve to your family etc….
So what helps you to get through the week? For me, it’s a planner where I jot down at least 5-7 things to complete that day. By the end of the week, I’m not as stressed and I have more time to cater to my family. It may sound a little “OCDish” but I have a planner at work and in the car. Each planner is for different needs, but the planner helps me to complete task. Do you love planners or what is your source of jotting ing down to do list and completing task?

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