Healing and ways to cope!

Healing (The process):


Can our bodies and mind tell when it is  time  to release the pain and anguish from the heart?  How do you process? When is the appropriate to let go and heal? Is there such a thing as a time period? Many may have answered “ I don’t know” or “why do I have to let go”. It is not a matter of time or when, but the point at which you allow yourself to heal through the process. I lost individuals in my family and to this day I still have a hard time dealing with the fact that they are not in my presence anymore. When I become despondent, I think of a time we had together that was most treasurable. I allow myself to cry, but also ask myself after this cry what did our relationship have that made me appreciate the great times. What encouragement can I give to myself to move from the pain and heal that piece of hurt. I write those encouraging times down and store it in an essential place such as a (jar, book, bible, or wallet). Healing is not only a time to release, but a time to evaluate why life is so precious. Also, how to use the time we have on earth wisely.


Healing (Baseline)

Suffering can be derived from death, illness, ongoing illness, and discouragement

Through research a process of healing provides: comfort, strength, restoration and encouragement. These are some ways to enhance your well-being with suffering

  1. Comfort -create a space in your place of trial to develop the freedom of moving on.
  2. Strength- gaining power or a force through communication, exercise and therapy.
  3. Restoration-returning to place when you felt powerful and times were tremendous and significant.
  4. Encouragement-allowing others (friends, family, professionals) to help push you through your ordeals.


Healing (Is there a way to heal?)


At that very point in life it is often very difficult to see how one will ever overcome pain. There does come a time when the pain subsides and healing is ready to be explored. Some ways to heal during a difficult time can help you move on with your life, not necessarily forgetting the time but having a moment to alleviate the anguis and open oneself to a happy place that helps you to function in the world.

  1. Read a book that takes your mind from the reality of the world and imagine a happier time
  2. Volunteer at shelter where you can share your story and develop friendships  and find the will to live a happier life while healing.
  3. Meditate and devote five to ten minutes to oneself to shift your brain and relax your body.
  4. Exercise for 15 to 30 minutes a day to release toxins, build endorphins in the body for strength.
  5. Travel to new places and explore other cultures.
  6. Take a class (many 2-year colleges and universities offer free classes) learn a new skill.
  7. Draw, paint or craft and allow your pain to spill out and be an empowerment for someone else.
  8. Learn a new language and ask a friend to join you

There is no one concrete way to heal, but through the process of healing there is hope in finding a moment to appreciate what love, friendships, relationships, and journeys are really about.


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