What moves you improves you!

What does move you? Is it your kids, significantly other, or your job? In life we often think about why I am doing what I’m doing. Is the answer always the same? I was challenged to ask myself what drives me? I was asked this question many months prior to now, and I said it was my family. As time moved on, I realized that it’s my family that helps me to go to someone else’s job. However, my why is the freedom to fulfill the dreams and passions I desire outside of my job. Is it selfish to think this way? My why didn’t motivate me to propel further because my job is not where I choose to be, but it puts food on the table.

My why has shifted, and it’s my love of not wanting to push an alarm at 5 a.m. (freedom). to get my kids out of bed so early. I want to get my  to prepare and cook a healthy breakfast for my kids and bring them to school myself (freedom). It’s working to help others, but on my time and my demands, and not someone standing over me telling “I better make this happen or else” kind of day (freedom). Seeing that hard work pays off through other people’s achievement on their goals in life. My why is simple, and I would like to enjoy more of it.

One of greatest accomplishments has been opening myself to others, and sharing my journey. Everyone has a story to share, and some may have a similar backgrounds as yours, so when you find a connection to others is “awesome sauce”. This journey has improve me in so many ways. One way is sharing more and letting people into my world, something I had not ever done. Also, posting pictures of this  journey and the continuous support that I receive from people near and far from me. It is great meeting new people and letting them know them know support is a text, video chat or phone call away, all you have to do is say “I’m ready” and I am there!!!!!

Your why doesn’t have to be enormous, it just have to move you in a way to improve you!!


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