How excited are you when you receive or get a new device?  I know when new phones come out most people like to stand in line for days in order to receive the latest software or the latest new phone.  I am not the want to stand in line, however, I am very excited when I get a new device.

I’m always behind in the times with getting a new device, but when I receive it I am like a kid in a candy store I can’t wait to put all kinds of apps and games on my device.  Are you like a kid in a candy store or is it just a new device to you?  Most techies probably won’t get excited they’re just trying to see what is the benefit of the phone. Is it better than another device versus the one that was purchased themselves?

I guess you can gather by now that I have a new device and I’m using my phone to create this post.  Was I able to do this on my old phone? Sure,  my dad was eaten up by my kids and therefore when I was ready to create the post it would suddenly go blank.  So, imagine having all of your words be so profound and worthy of reading to lose it all in just one click.  Those days are history, and now I’m ready to get the ball rolling with creating new post and open for new topics and discussions.

I’m excited about what’s to come. I am also excited about my new device and I can’t wait to share more information and put it out in the air.  What are some new things you like to put on your device? Is it to pass the time? Or is it to enhance your business? My device is for both business and just to have fun.

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