Holidays-Gobble Gobble

The holidays are approaching  and this is the time where you spend most with your family. Most are flying in town are flying out of town, or driving to love ones.  I myself, particularly love the holidays because that is when I’m able to see most of my family. It’s small and quaint but we have the best of times.

When combining families because you’re  married do you have to choose between which side of the family you will go to, or are you able to visit both on the same day?  Growing up in the city, my mom and dad would have to share time with my grandmother on my mom side and then we’d go and visit with my grandmother on my dad side. It was pretty easy because in the city everything is close to each other, so it doesn’t take long to get from one destination to the other.  Now that I’m an adult, I don’t live in the same city as my parents, so we have to decide which holiday we will have with each other. Thanksgivings are usually my husbands and Christmas is with my parents.

I don’t care which holiday it is as long as we get to see both sides of the family and share time with them. They love to see the kids and I love that they are able to share time with their grandparents.  Which holiday do you share or split? Is it easy going or hectic ad frustrating?

Regardless the outcome, there are many families who are able to see their I’ve ones. I know this time of year is also very difficult for people because of long-distance or having to serve for our country. Therefore, the holidays are great for most and hard others.  Also, many people have lost a love one and being that it is so close to the holidays, it is especially difficult for them as well.  If you’re able to share time with your family during the holidays it’s important because life is short and we only get one life so it’s best to enjoy it as much as possible. Happy holidays!

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