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Returning back to work was not easy but it had to be done. A lot of times, I lay in bed and wonder what are the odds of me finding a job that I can call my passion. I have been in my profession for over ten years and still to this day, I will not attach career to this job. It wasn’t until my thirties is when I found my love for writing children’s stories, making apparel, travel and health and fitness, etc..  Still trying to find my niche in this big world is still new to me. Also, this job I have is not where I feel empowered to make it career for the long haul. Until then, I long for the days where I can get up everyday eager to push through to help not only myself but for others to win too. I have pondered through the years about the talents I have but always put them aside only to return to the hustle and bustle of a 9-5. Then one day, over the summer ,while doing my scrolling online, I ran into an amazing opportunity. Not one but two amazing opportunities for that matter. I said to myself, wow two simultaneously is hard to gather. Nonetheless, there it was starring me in the face to take a leap of faith.
 Well, I took it and have never looked back. Taking a chance in life is worth the risk to me. I want to build and establish relationships that will last a lifetime. Also, I want to be able to take those special relationships along with me. However, it’s that leap of faith many are afraid to take. So, my question to you is what is your worth in life? Is it going to a job that doesn’t satisfy you, or using that job and also following your passions that one day  you can say goodbye too? Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a job, but only if you are doing what you love. When you are doing a job to manage bills, well do you consider it a passion? What is it called to you?
What is your dream job? Will you even call it a job if you love it so much? Will you work tirelessly until you get it right because you want too, or is it because the “higher up” said there is a deadline to meet? Many young people are graduating, but they are not going to that corporate job seeking employment. Instead, they are making their own stamp on the world because they have figured there is enough of “somebody wanting what I create” to make their goals and dreams attainable. I admire those who are deciding that their worth is good enough for the world and they need to know the talents that within. Passion runs deep and it never leaves if it is something you truly love. The risk is worth if it means happiness is what you get in the end.

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