A support system

What or Whom do you consider your support system? Is it your immediate family, friends, co-workers? Many incidents have come about when I have had to ask what if there was no support system to help one another, how would you get through? How would people go about in the world? It’s a lot to digest all at once, but it is something to think about. My mother is usually the first person I call, one being is because I know she will answer the phone!!!. She knows when I am upset before I even say hello. She has taught me how manage and get through difficult times. Sure, I have other people to help cope with an issue, but there is nothing like mom to get assurance or to even tell me when I am wrong.

My other support system is my husband. He likes to remain in the background, but I know when I share my difficulties, I can rest assure his advance is going to sound exactly like my mom; so that’s a reassurance of my situation. Today many are finding support through media> Media is the gateway to say how you feel without any filter. In the process you get those who are for you, those who can agree to disagree, and those who are down right ugly just for the sake of being the “nay sayer”. Either way you shared thoughts and views of the issue.

Overall, support systems are important to have in your life. We can’t control all things that happen to us in our lives , but we can control how respond to them, and a good healthy support system helps with that. Bottom line if you don’t have a good support system find one it help feed the soul to become a “Nu” you.

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