Technology—the good–and bad!

Have you ever experienced being in the middle of wanting to post something and BAM! it doesn’t work for you. You begin to panic and you are trying to figure out why it isn’t posting. As for myself, I have good and bad days of dealing with technology. Today is not a good day because I want to share some videos in one post but one video is on another computer and the other video is sitting on another. I am trying to save it to Dropbox but it doesn’t have to tabs to where you can save. It can be a downright nightmare.

My frustration led me to walk away from the computer to think of other ways I can address those problems without tossing both computers across the room. I was able to solve my problem, but how many times have you encountered this bump in the road. Yes, there are many of you saying you took half of your day, “I would’ve had that resolved in a matter of minutes,” but I am here to say I wish I could have  magically called upon the tech savvy agents of the world, and you appear. Nonetheless, I could not but all is well. Technology is a beautiful thing when it works seamlessly, but for the non-savvy folks out here there will be glitches but learning from them to avoid headaches in the future makes it all worth while in the end.

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