Supporting others

How do you support friends and family? is it with giving ideas, time or monetarily? Support can be given in various ways, but overall how does it make you  feel in the end? A lot of times  I have found myself giving support to those just by sharing ideas. I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine. We hadn’t talked since high school. She was intrigued by some things I had been posting online and was interested to learn more. We played phoned tag for a while because when you a mother sometimes you don’t always get the time to do the things you have set out. Nonetheless, we finally got around to talking. From her conversation, I can tell she is a very loving and supportive mother, but unfortunately fell on hard times. We talked about what she was initially calling me for, but throughout the conversation I was able to share with her some ways to help her get out of that rut. She was elated she was able to form a way of getting out of that rut and for me, it was the satisfaction of helping her at the right time.

Although, I wasn’t able to help her financially, I hope my ideas were a way to help get her out of the rut and get on with life. She has a wonderful family and would like to continue to see her support her family like she has done in the past. When children are a topic of conversation it always seems to get a laugh out of you because you think your kid is the only doing it until you hear someone else’s story. I was glad I was able to catch up with an old friend as well as help her personally.

I was also able to converse and share ideas with another friend too. Sharing costs you nothing, and if it is going to help someone near or far why not share the wealth of it. Supporting friends, love-ones or co-workers aren’t always an easy task, but when you give from your heart and you genuinely want to help with nothing in return pays you back ten fold. It made me feel ecstatic to be able to help others in need.

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