Think like it to become like it!

When proposing to change something in your life, how do you approach it. Is it just a thought and then you act on it and instantly you are it. In many facets of our life we would like to think it can happen instantly. However, in real world time, we have to think, and think, and think some more before we believe it to be real. Thinking is the easy part, but there is another key factor into helping you achieve this liking. You must also act but the process is not that simple.

I have always have had an free spirit to come up with ideas, have a plan of action and write down all the wonderful tactics to get it going. The hard part is that, with so many good ideas nothing was being placed into action besides the paper. I have the think it part down to a science, but to become like it is where it gets tricky. Lately I have taking those ideas —one idea at a time, researching, getting expert opinions and finding the resource to actually get it done.

Now, with all of those ideas, it is slowly starting to come together and I can begin to foresee the “becoming of something great”.  As I continue to dismantle all the ideas one at a time, I will be a work in progress. So, stay tuned, as I have stated in my first post, there will be many facets to me and I cant wait to share. “Never negate the Nu n u”

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