Have you ever worked on a dream-board? Is it a tedious task, or is it relaxing ? Does it motivate you to move along with ease? It is a little bit of all of the above for me. I was challenged to do a dream- board and your goals were only for one year. Most dreams and goals are set for three and five years. With a one year goal one may think it is simple task. What I found is that I really had to look within. I realized if I want to continue on my success, I  will not be able to put off these goals. My aim at tackling these goals are to just take a leap of faith everyday whether I win or fail.

Once I was done with this dream-board, I was excited about the goals I have decided to work on. These are goals that are attainable, so that means there is no room for procrastination. Procrastination at one point in my life was my first name. Although things can be put off for a moment of time, eventually dealing with the task head on is a better way to go. So dream big, but tackle them in a smart way.

What dreams are you looking forward to tackling this year? Mine is to share and help others become more fit. Buy a new vehicle because my old one is on it’s last wing and a prayer. Open myself to new people and embrace new opportunities for the new year. Hopefully, your goals and or dreams are similar and you are able to tackle it. When you achieve your goal post your success stories.

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