The Rising Sun!!

Driving to work I always count my blessings. I want to make that I remember to be grateful for another day in this world. Each day is a present to go out into the world and be the best at all times. As I drive most mornings I am so focused on my thoughts and the drive that I neglect to see what’s around me naturally.

However, yesterday something was different, a warm and fuzzy feeling of radiance and pleasure appeared. So, I continued driving and happen to look out my rearview mirror and there it was that’s the feeling and gratitude that was over me. It was the orange circular ray of light peaking through the trees. I kept looking in my rearview and smiling. As I continued to drive the sun would rise and rise higher. I didn’t want to make the left turn. That turn meant I would no loner be able to see the sun. Although my time was near to turn, the sun and the beautiful essence that stayed with me kept my spirit and my thoughts to remain positive and clear. Today was the same way, but instead asked my daughter to turn around and when she did, she said, “wowwww that is awesome” I wanted her to feel like I was feeling and take piece of glimmer with her to make her day just as bright and pleasant as I wanted my day.

Life is wonderful and it is a choice to decide if you want you day to be bright and pleasant. Many people are suffering with something. Many are able to see the beam of the world when everything is falling to pieces around them. I use to sigh and pout about going to work and being confined to a building. Now, I am grateful, I am working on me, developing new insights so I will not have to stay confined to just a building but wherever I am, I will be able to tackle the day my way. In the meantime, I will continue to look for that glow every morning and remain grateful for the things that has been given to me.

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