My much needed break!

Do you ever noticed yourself taking a moment and looking around realizing that you’ve worked so much that you didn’t take time for a break? It is so very important that we take breaks throughout the day to reevaluate, revamp, restore how to move forward whether the day is going well or terribly here are some tips to help you seize the day.

Tired eyes-take a warm washcloth and pat your face and neck. Take deep breaths do at 5 minutes.

Tension-if you work in a private office or at home aromatherapy can become your best friend. Personally. I would choose a scent that is not overwhelming and helps you to recharge as you go about your day. Start your day with zesty scents, it can help release the stress away. You can change the scents as the day simmers down.

Scents-Zesty-orange,eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, lavender, and ylang-ylang. Relaxing scents- lavender, sweet basil, valerian, patchouli, and frankincens. You can simmer this over a stove, so you’ll notice some of the scents are similar, so it depends on the combination.

Time restraint -if your schedule is tight build in your breaks within your breaks. Most people get maybe two breaks during the day when in actuality we need at minimum 5-10 breaks. That doesn’t mean you leave the premises to break. When incorporating these gems you’ll see that quick two minute break helped you to finish the workday. Make sure you know what time your actual breaks are so you can build in additional breaks. Take at least one break an hour before first break it’ll help push you through so you’re being productive while working rather than watching the clock. Also take a break an hour after.

Interval exercises-exercises you can do at work without appearing like you’re goofing off the job. Office- desk push up, desk plank, desk donkey kicks and triceps dips Home-lunges,squats, jumping jacks, and overhead press.

Break rooms -I’m not talking about the break room at your job, but a room or location that gives you peace. Peace for you is anywhere that brings comfort. For example, I love to be near water and I find spots that are nearby as it brings me peace and serenity. Break rooms can be your car, a closet. an empty office, backyard or porch.

Body aches-make sure when you break to take 2 minutes to stretch. Stretch your body from head to toe. It doesn’t matter where you’re working your body needs readjustment throughout the day. Some stretches are hip flexors, flute stretch, side bends, neck and shoulder stretch.

Breaks are very much needed especially this time of year. Some people have a hard time during this time of year and breaks come in handy when you have to go on with life while going through strife.

Comment and tell me when and how do you take breaks?

Thanks and as always “Never negate the Nu-N-U

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