Toxins: when to flush it

Toxic influencers: Food, Relationships, and Jobs

Does it feel like you get up eat, work and deal with family dynamics daily and wonder how you survive the day in and day out routine? One of the ways to sustain this life is to release the toxic burdens one allows to linger past its time.

Food: We need it to survive, but we misuse it and as a result it wrecks havoc on our bodies. The latest posts and news report indicated various recalls on food one loves to eat. Although one may not eat it daily, isn’t funny how you crave it as soon as it go on the recall list. Whether you’re vegan, pescatarian, meat lovers or vegetarian etc…we have our moments when wanting junk food is a must, however it’s not good for you. The main culprit to destroying a health lifo is SUGAR. Sugar has a way of sneaking into foods you would have never thought it should be located. Sugar causes the body and mind to behave and react on issues and situations because our brains are not clear. Sugar allows bad decisions with heavy consequences. Most people who have learn to control their sweet tooth won’t necessarily fall victim to decisions caused by sugar overload, however, we all have fallen victim to something at one time or another. So knowing this one simple ingredient can alter major decisions and goals in your life would you be willing to detox your body from the sugar? It says it takes on average about 21 days to form a habit. Can you devote 21 days of giving up sugar to see if it makes a difference in your life? I’m willing to do so and have in the past as it made a huge decision in my food choices, relationship, and how I perform at work. It is a journey and preparation is a must, but it is well worth the outcome.

Relationships: Sharing and caring for someone can be great and sharing it with someone you truly care about is an awesome experience. The years of memorable moments, the countless times you’ve said “I love you” and the emptiness you feel inside when the person is gone even if for a few hours is everything and more, but what happens when that relationship no longer serves your present or your future? How do you detox from that memories that pop up at the most inconvenient times and sadness it may bring or even the control you may not have to let go. People have stages in your life and as one grows it is important to understand that everyone is not meant to go with you in your next phase of growth. It’s okay and I mean that with the most sincerity, that’s it’s OK to leave those people behind. You have to cherish the time they were significant and the focus on what the future will hold because the lingering in relationships infuses toxic thoughts that makes one question the what, when and why’s and also spins uncontrollable scenarios of keeping that person in your life. What can one do to detox from that negative path? Meet new people that have no relation to the past, travel and read, but most of all getting in touch with self. Until you are HAPPY with self and know to manage in this world with self. The negative baggage will follow into new friends and possible good relationships. Leave the baggage and find what makes you happy when alone and go forth with self.

Ways to love self: sleep exercise meditation journaling massage acupuncture mani/pedi treating self using a babysitter boundaries

Employment: Unless your sitting on a gold mine then most likely a job awaits you. Jobs can also be very toxic whether it’s a boss, supervisor, colleague or friend on the job it has a way of wearing you out. How does one cope eight or more hours on a job with toxic space. Are you the toxic person really ask someone you trust and that will tell the truth. If you’re not the toxic individual then who is and learn to turn the negativity into positive. What’s your position at the job? Are you just an employee or have some sort of clout in the establishment? Is there opportunity to grow and /or move away from the “Negative Nancy” and “Taunting Toms”? If so have you thought about how it fits into the future of the job by making it a career. If not, what is holding you back with a job that no longer is fulfilling goals. If it’s a job you need are there future goals in place to help gain new employment? Staying in toxic situations puts years in your life line. What is it going to take to change the current status?

Sometimes one can look up and realize that it has been years in a relationship with food, people, and or a job that we absolutely knew the time had expired. It’s not as easy to just put your foot down and say “I’m done ” but it is worth a game plan to change the negative circle overtime with a date of expiration to release the toxins of food, people, and a dead end job. The world is waiting for the greatness stored inside.



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