Forgiveness: Wings to gain Freedom!!!

Forgiveness in relationships: We all know how new relationship start out. It’s all “peaches and cream” until that relationship change and you sit asking yourself how did I get there, what went wrong? Did I let situational hiccups bypass in the relationship? Was it a name blame and or became guilty of certain events out of your control, which sometimes leaves bitterness, disappointment and regret to linger further than what it should. It takes going through another situation in order to release the old situation. Dating, long-term relationships and even marriage is easy to get into but difficult to maintain when there is lack of respect, commitment and communication. When relationships are good we tend to let go of issues that needs handling fearing the change of the relationship. Change is good if it is going to enhance and create a stronger foundation. How important is bringing up an issue knowing it may change the dynamics of the relationship? Nothing is perfect, but the risk worth everything even if it means separating. However, I will work and put my all effort into it before calling it quits. Note*** as long as it’s not abusive towards me and my kids.

Forgiveness with self: Forgiveness with self takes a lot of inner perspective, getting to know yourself, and allowing yourself to heal with forgiveness. Sometimes it takes many years to be able to heal from a situation. We as humans like to hold our guard up and won’t let our guards down because we feel vulnerable. I won’t lie it hurts a lot, but once you’re able to release and come into your own element it is so freeing. It is such a big eye-opener, plus you’re able to see life in a more positive direction. A lot of people may say you have gone off the deep end, this is not the person I know. I’m not even sure if I like this person, but what you’ll find is that inner circle that was so big and deep become smaller and smaller and those who knew you had this spunk, fire, and confidence inside you will be there to revel in it like you.

Forgiveness with past: People that were used to you being in the “sunken place” have a hard time dealing with you once you have given rebirth to a new life, new personality, new goals and overall happiness. It’s like the songs vocal artist “Mary” sings, no one wants to hear the happy songs they only want the soul-wrenching, heartbreaking, why am I going through this songs from “Mary”, but it’s ok to be “Nu” with oneself and still be the life of the party with a healthier lifestyle. You may have done some things that you know in your heart wasn’t safe for you or for others, but there is a time when you come to term with that unhealthy lifestyle and it’s OK. We all make mistakes and we are all entitled to correcting those mistakes by moving forward with a positive direction.

Healing to move forward: Once you have realized the mistake(s) that were made it’s time to move forward and release it completely. Don’t allow others to haunt you with things from the past just simply release those people from your life. Sometimes it’s hard because it has to be family, disregard unsupportive individuals of your healing, there is no space for them and your growth. Don’t allow others to haunt you with things from the past just simply release those people from your life. The struggle will be difficult because of family, but if they are not being supportive towards your healing, then there is no space for them during your growth.

Some ways to stay focused: Journal, create a bucket list, save and travel, paint a room and buy some pillows in that comfy space you love to sit and relax, try some new oils for the house or new perfume for yourself. Try a yoga class or whatever it is that keeps you waking up refreshed and renewed.

Questions to ponder: Are you having difficulties moving out of the past “mistakes” zone?

Is there a lingering relationship you’re trying to hold on to thinking it’ll be rekindled?

Is there guilt from a relationship where ego got in the way?

If you’ve answered yes then you’ve made the first step by acknowledging that my past if effecting my future, how will that change?

I wish you well in the journey it’s not meant to lived alone (be it family, kids s/o, spouse etc.) it is meant to lived to the fullest. The world is waiting!!!

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Thank you for reading “Nulyfe Nuways” so you can grow as we grow together.

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  1. Very impressed with your thoughts and process. You write with thought. intelligence and kindness. In today’s world kindness is hard to come by. You are sharing your gift with others which demonstrates how generous you are as a human being living in 2018. I am so proud that you have acknowledged your calling, to teach, to share and love. Of course I premise this by admitting I am your first and most committed fan because I have you life. But you have given so much more. Continue to be as great as your ancestors, as loving as your GOD and kind as you can be as your heart and soul grows.


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