A support system

What or Whom do you consider your support system? Is it your immediate family, friends, co-workers? Many incidents have come about when I have had to ask what if there was no support system to help one another, how would you get through? How would people go about in the world? […]

Supporting others

How do you support friends and family? is it with giving ideas, time or monetarily? Support can be given in various ways, but overall how does it make you  feel in the end? A lot of times  I have found myself giving support to those just by sharing […]

Drones Yay or Nah!

My husband and I were looking at the news tonight. He likes to watch the sports edition to see if there are going to announce his {high school} team. Surprisingly, they did, but not to talk about his team. They discussed the uneasiness the fans were having as […]

Allergy Season

When is allergy season for you? Our season in our family seems to be all year round. We suffer with everything, one child suffers with sinusitis and another is developing allergies. The youngest that’s developing allergies is beginning to have this consistent nightly cough. Have you given anything […]