Take one day and the rest will come!!!!

We don’t always feel 💯, but that doesn’t mean throw in the towel. Take one day or a few hours to revamp your life. Sometimes, I take for granted that my lifestyle is busy so when there is a day I am able to rest I feel totally guilty in that relaxation. I have to give myself grace because I am busy; I deserve to have a moment or a day where I am able to enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

The joy of being able to live life on your terms (one of my “sistahs “ ( Facebook handle) is that you are the operator and mechanic of your livelihood and that means only you can control the outcome. Make sure to take time for yourself. You cannot run anything on fumes.

Gentle reminders:

1. Work hard but also relax even harder

2. Plan out short term goals on light days and heavy days make sure to have a list of things you are doing that can be finished, so the next heavy project can roll in and you’re ready to take on the task.

3. Get some exercise in (yes) exercise it may sound crazy when you have heavy loads but exercising also clears the mind; helps you to breathe out and recharge.

4. “Stay-cay with me” you don’t have to travel far to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I love a good brunch on the weekends, walking down a strip window shopping the consignment stores and/or going sit by the water listening to the birds and waves crash against the rocks.

Whatever it is on your light or heavy days make sure there is (you) time built in because you deserve it.

As always”never forget the Nu-N-U.

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