What matters most!

I had the distinct pleasure of being surprised for my birthday. For starters, I thought it wasn’t important to throw birthday parties for me. I felt it was too much of a hassle to take time out of people’s lives to entertain my day. That was until my absolute favorite person (hubs) threw me a surprise party. I am usually very emotional and will cry at the drop of a hat, but this time all of that left me and I filled with the utmost joy. Joy that should be a given but it is a choice. Despite any circumstances we should all understand that life is so short and joy should always be the motif. If we give too much attention to what’s hurting us we’ll lose time for what is great for us.

Acknowledge-taking time to put me first was something I didn’t want others doing. I would have told them to stop and don’t bother why because making sacrifices for me was too much for me to take on when I’m use to caring and doing for others. What I realized was that I should let people in whether or not it will be to grow and love or learn and lose its the risk that should be taken at all times.

Paramount- The start of my day was unlimited spirits and great conversation, After that I was taken on this journey of events after events not knowing each time the event was in my honor. It made me feel meaningful, and my mother would always say enjoy the ones who’s there focus your energy on those who takes time for you as much as you do them; that’s what I did enjoyed my special day to the fullest.

Different perspective- I was able to see those I take care of come out and enjoy my day and the planning that went into throwing multiple surprises. I took note and it gave me reason to go harder, to live harder , and to appreciate the people who loves you and the things that matter most!!!

As always there is opportunities in every situation you have to evolve through the difficulties and make your life better. Therefore, “Never Negate the Nu-N-U

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