Music soothes the soul!!!!

Music has so many beautiful benefits to help you throughout your day. It’s increases levels in your brain and is an instant mood changer. It can impact the way you handles situations. It reduces stress and anxiety when you’re having a hard day. However, music is a choice everyone doesn’t handle it or like it the same way or for pleasure. For those of us that do there are multiple genres to stem from.

One of the best ways to get my day started is to los turn to music as it instantly enhances my mood. I preferably don’t listen to music when I’m sad or upset because it can have a factor in the way you respond to a situation you may have to handle same as good moods but with more intensity.

Here are a list of musical genre to help describe the feeling it will give while listening. Take a moment to “listen outside of the box” if you will because music is universal. It doesn’t come with a checklist upon which one should listen to based off of you race or social status. You should listen because it is a desire to listen to it and it brings joy to your life.

Classical- soothing and mellow

Rock-hard and funky

Rhythm and blues- sensual and smooth

Pop- adrenaline pumping

Disco- energy boosting

Jazz- romantic and nostalgic

Blues-intense emotion

Latino-mixed beats and high energy


There are a host of other genres those were just a few. Find the beat that you vibe too and enjoy.

As always “Never negate the Nu-N-U

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