Time- does is it wait for you?

“Don’t put off to tomorrow what can be done today”- Benjamin Franklin

Many of us who are procrastinators always think the time will be perfect if we do this and that it will set the right mood to do things in life. We often try to get ahead of time and plan out goals and attain most of them. However, we fall right back into the slump of time “waiting for us” to do the next project. We know and understand time has no wait factor, but that doesn’t move us along any faster. For those of you that doesn’t need a right moment to get things done often question how can we (procrastinators) let so much time slip away. Well everyone is on a different time stamp even though we’re giving the same amount of time. As one gets older time begins to become more important especially when we’re not taking every excuse to avoid the task. Nonetheless, many procrastinators are still very successful.and want to become better at managing time. So here are a few tips to help you sort through getting past “when is it the right time or mood?”

1. Smaller goals to attain-compile a to do list of no more than four smaller tasks and one bigger task, therefore, you feel more at ease and the feeling is checking off the list is constant rather than a sigh of relief because it took you forever to get it done.

2. Map out the time-think about the time it will take to achieve the smaller goals-such as 30 minutes to and hour, and for the bigger tasks 1 hour to 3 hours max. In this case your continuously streamlining time for each thing. After you accomplish the goals of the day use the same methods for the next 5 goals each day.

3. Give yourself rewards- set the rewards of the the things you can afford, so you can see what’s ahead for you. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a new coffee shop, wanted to buy some new shades or eat a new restaurant all are rewards the will have you looking and feeling great after the goals have been achieved.

Big rewards require big goals to achieve- taking a vacation is crucial in today’s world. We have so many beautiful places to explore and it should be, but it also requires planning and getting things done. That is why work hard and play harder is essential. Life is about experiences beyond the 750 sq. feet of anything your home or office. I recently took my kids in a trip something we hadn’t done in years. We immediately felt that this was something we needed to do more of so we have set goals for the year. We will we set smaller ones, then move towards the bigger ones that are for sure obtainable and then we revisit the goals continuously to push each other.

Procrastination is underlying fear of success. If you have others that can support you and each other can become accountable with each other’s goals. Then time can be on everyone’s side and life can be greater time with each passing moment

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