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Wife, mother, and educator aspiring to inspire others. Gratitude goes a long way when you are authentic. This page hosts a variety of things but I will always display why gratitude brings valuable lessons to our lives so that we are able to evolve to our highest self.

planning stages!

What are your goals for 2016? Are you in the preparation stages and you are doing your research to make these goals a reality? Or, are you in the pre-launch phase and you can’t wait until 2016 is here to tell the world about it ? You have […]

Why wait!

Why wait to get fit! Why use it as a New Years resolution when your body aches, stomach issues and fatigue is saying help me now! Your body gives you signs when it is ready for change. The body can go anything if you’re wiling to work at […]

Holidays-Gobble Gobble

The holidays are approaching  and this is the time where you spend most with your family. Most are flying in town are flying out of town, or driving to love ones.  I myself, particularly love the holidays because that is when I’m able to see most of my […]


How excited are you when you receive or get a new device?  I know when new phones come out most people like to stand in line for days in order to receive the latest software or the latest new phone.  I am not the want to stand in […]

A support system

What or Whom do you consider your support system? Is it your immediate family, friends, co-workers? Many incidents have come about when I have had to ask what if there was no support system to help one another, how would you get through? How would people go about in the world? […]

Supporting others

How do you support friends and family? is it with giving ideas, time or monetarily? Support can be given in various ways, but overall how does it make you  feel in the end? A lot of times  I have found myself giving support to those just by sharing […]