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Wife, mother, and educator aspiring to inspire others. Gratitude goes a long way when you are authentic. This page hosts a variety of things but I will always display why gratitude brings valuable lessons to our lives so that we are able to evolve to our highest self.

Music soothes the soul!!!!

Music has so many beautiful benefits to help you throughout your day. It’s increases levels in your brain and is an instant mood changer. It can impact the way you handles situations. It reduces stress and anxiety when you’re having a hard day. However, music is a choice […]

Positive mindset

Set the week with one thing you would like to attain or obtain that will make your life easier or rewarding. Focusing on too many task can be overwhelming when there are multiple things you want to accomplish. However, if there is one specific thing in mind that […]

Adding spontaneity to life

Often we can get caught up into the day-to-day lifestyle without adding any spice to it. It’s OK to indulge in a little bit of spontaneity because it takes you into a zone of “let’s just go with the flow.” Going with the flow means, I am giving […]