Eggs in one basket 😲-but don’t dispair!!

Eggs in one basket: when to know to put the eggs in other places

You’ve probably heard the term “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” reigns so true, especially when you are contemplating new endeavors. Whether it is a new school, a move or job you should always have a plan ABC and Z nowadays.

A new school: One may have their eye set on the ultimate school and everything is all set, but excruciating circumstances had entered your world that one wasn’t prepared for, so unfortunately the one school you wanted is no longer an option. What happens next? is one even able to move on and still carry out the goal, but with exceptions? Having one plan is great, but set backs happen. It is important to think about various options when situations occur and throws one off course to do something different.

Move: There are different kinds of people one that can move without a seconds notice and others that have to know all of what’s in store before transporting their entire life. At one point when i was younger i would complete a three year term and then search for bigger adventures, however, when marriage and kids come into play the leap wasn’t as easy. My hubby and I have managed to settle ourselves in one spot for now until the kids graduate. This doesn’t mean we aren’t planning, we are always thinking about the goals and endeavors and what it would involve as well as possible set backs to sustain our lifestyle.

New Job: When family structure changes and the job one is currently employed no longer suits your lifestyle then it is I portent to research various new job opportunities that will fit the families’ need. It is essential not to look for one job and think that one interview or interest will land the job. Apply for various positions and jobs and let the company invest in you and the expertise one brings so when it is time to decide there are multiple options to choose from and beneficial for the family.

Placing all the eggs in baskets hoping that one opportunity will come to pass leaves one hoping that it will provide everything and also have one in limbo waiting for the company to choose you.


1. Research and seek out various opportunities

2. Make sure it aligns with your family structure

3. Plan out the time span of opportunities as the family structure changes

4. Acknowledge and take charge of it

5. Be ok with change and adapt

6. Learn from mistakes

7. Strategize and pose what if’s to avoid setbacks

God luck in your endeavors!

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